Email Marketing

Email Marketing Service in Patna – Email Marketing in Patna.

Email marketing that creates email campaigns to get the enough return on investment for your business. This is an effective marketing tool that helps in dealing with the entire non targeted marketing.  Influential in increasing brand awareness, has made it popular by thousands of businesses all over country.

This unfamiliar strategy of marketing may not be understood by some but it is very effective in tracking their growth or progress. An impressive and the foremost feature within this marketing too is that this is capable of creating, sending and managing surveys and customs. This is an easy way of communicating and getting more important feedback.

SMSTEL has an excellent way of marketing that is being included in its providing services list that is email marketing. Email Marketing Services has been used by various companies by knowing that it easy to create, easy to track and easy to share and most importantly is Low cost.
For maintenance of place as the top listed email advertisement provider in Patna,SMSTEL Services has ensures their clients by delivering them quality services.

SMSTEL has been considered as the leading Email advertisement Provider in Patna providing reliable email marketing at very reasonable prices. Offers web-based application which is fascinated with the necessities like creating, sharing, sending, and tracking your  email marketing campaigns. As though, you can check insight of your email campaign. You go through to look up the number of email received, bounced back or subscribed.


SMSTEL provides fully White able Resellers Plans for bulk email Service in Patna at the very reasonable rates. Dedicated technical support will be provided and manages all the detailed training about the products to the resellers.

Features of Bulk Email Service:

  • Personalized emails can be easily deliver in a very short period
  • Instant delivery
  • Featured in tracking & creating the email campaigns
  • You can block unsubscribed users
  • Featured with creating customized templates
  • Easy to schedule email marketing campaigns for the particular time period
  • Unlimited email IDs can be uploaded

SMSTEL providing all those featured email advertisement service in Patna which is trendy in market. With all the above excellent features, it offers their cost effective solutions to their customers.
An email campaign has been inbuilt with the email template editor; you can also go for the real time delivery reports through the web-based bulk email marketing service application.

100% guaranteed email delivery with all the different packages at very reasonable rates.